Shortage Management

Whether you’re in quest of reducing extended lead times or to locate allocated, obsolete, and/or end-of-life electronic components, semiconductors, and other difficult-to-locate electronic components.PaxMicro has the supply-chain expertise to resolve your material shortages.

An increase in production or supply delay by another supplier may lead to shortage issues and possibly the risk of a line down situation.

With PaxMicro’s rapid response times, unmatched sourcing and experience in global logistics, we can eliminate the stress of shortage situations and deliver the solutions you require, thus removing disruption to your production lines.

PaxMicro understands the importance of shortage elimination and our team of highly qualified sales people are ready and capable to quickly source electronic components from around the world.


  • ▶Worldwide search
  • ▶Swift fulfillment
  • ▶Meticulous quality inspection process
  • ▶Competitive prices
  • ▶Broad product offering
  • ▶Shortage solutions
  • ▶EOL/Obsolete solutions
  • ▶Extensive inventory